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A dawn wedding on Masada, bathed in golden sunlight and crisp desert air with the breathtaking backdrop scenery of the sun's early rays reflecting on water and stone. Or, a wedding at the unique and rarely visited Anchor Church, overlooking all of Jesus's Galilean Ministry - standing on a Stone signifying so much spirituality and hope. Israel is an amazing, yet oft overlooked destination for a unique and special wedding. For anyone whose matrimony represents a spiritual event and an opportunity to fulfill a once-in-a-lifetime experience - Israel can be a remarkable choice and... don’t forget that an added perk when planning a Destination Wedding in Israel is that your entire wedding party gets a mini vacation – and what can be better than the rich spiritual, scenic, historical and cultural offerings of this amazing country! 

"Among The Walls of Masada Walk Prophets, Prophesizing  Salvation"

"And In the Buildings, Among Ramparts, Squads of Levi’im, Sing To The Victor"


”We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, 

firm and secure” 

(Heb. 6:19)

Poem by Issac Lamdan, "Masada" 1927


One of the most breathtaking views in Israel, as the sun rises above the Moab Mountains in the east, Masada is bathed in the golden glow of morning. The crisp, pristine desert air envelopes this rocky icon of Judaic belief and heroism - a plateau of sandstone and precipices with an otherworldly aura. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Masada is one of Israel's premier historical and archaeological locations bearing deep seated significance for many Christians, Jews and Israelis in particular. Masada is one of the few places where both Israelis and visitors to Israel come to bathe in the heritage of national resurrection and bravery. The location's breathtaking, awe inspiring, natural beauty and pristine surroundings only enhance the exhilarating nature of a visit to this rocky precipice that played such an important role in the histories of Israel and ancient nations.

Just south of Tiberias, high above the Sea of Galilee, overlooking a breathtaking view of Jesus’ Galilee ministry and the beautiful lake, stands Mount Berenice - an out-of-the-way spiritual gem where, in the sixth century, a church was built on the remains of a palace belonging to Berenice, wife of Agrippa II (Acts 25:13).

The Church was most probably built here because the spectacular view certainly played a part in the worship of Tiberias's Sixth century Christians. A half a ton stone block with a hole in its center is located underneath the church's altar. The stone resembles an ancient anchor although it is about ten times heavier than the average anchor used on boats in the Sea of Galilee. Based on the verse in Hebrews “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Heb. 6:19), it is assumed the stone probably had spiritual significance to Byzantine Galilean Christians

Destination Wedding travel is very exciting! When couples decide to get married and exchange vows, many celebrate their ceremony in their dream location. As the name Destination Wedding suggests, it is a wedding that is celebrated in an exotic location. Destination Weddings often take place in tropical settings, such as Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean. However, a destination wedding can take place anywhere from Europe to Australia, or anywhere in between.

There are many reasons why couples decide on celebrating their wedding in a specific destination. For couples seeking more intimate venues, Destination Weddings can actually be less expensive than traditional weddings. For some an important consideration, an Israeli Wedding can be ideal for interfaith couples where the destination actually satisfies the backgrounds and heritage of both families. Many couples are now combining their wedding and honeymoon to create the perfect destination wedding venue. The many advantages of this flexible wedding style has made it a growing trend with lots of appeal. 

Galilee Travel works with couples and their families who are considering a wedding in Israel on:

· Selecting a date and determining a budget.

· Selecting a site for the ceremony.

· Engaging a Rabbi, Priest or Pastor.

· Planning a reception & party.

· Developing any tours and sightseeing.

· Hotel Accommodations.

· Selecting caterers and restaurants.

· Booking all transportation and accommodations.

· Handling paperwork, passport requirements and legalities.

· Planning a Honeymoon in Israel (See Here…)

With countless unique and exciting options available, Galilee Travel offers future newlyweds and their families a Destination Wedding service that can help couples plan an exclusive, unique and memorable event in Israel. 

Because Galilee Travel is strategically aligned with Diesenhaus-Unitours—Israel’s largest travel services company, and because we have extensive private and business connections in Israel, we can make planning, facilitating and fulfilling your wedding in Israel feel like a breeze. And even more important - we work together with you to insure that costs are competitive and that your budget generates maximum value. From beginning to end, our people here in the US and  dedicated wedding experts in Israel can make the planning and coordination of your wedding an enjoyable and rewarding experience—allowing the happy couple and their families and friends to enjoy a truly unique and uplifting experience.

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