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All newlyweds prefer honeymoon destinations where they can enjoy privacy, some luxury, tasty food , good wine, and mutually interesting activities. Whereas exotic places like Bermuda, Cancun and Hawaii are popular and accessible, traveling to Israel can fulfill many honeymoon prerequisites. A honeymoon in Israel can be an exotic, luxurious, active, spiritually meaningful, fun-filled, exciting, and appetizing experience. Compared to other honeymoon destinations – Israel has just about anything anyone can ask for - and all options are accessible in a geographical “package” that allows newlyweds to sample a little bit of everything:

What Israel Offers For Honeymooners:  

· Gourmet food and hip nightclubs in Tel-Aviv.

· Secluded boutique accommodations in the Galilee. 

· Wine tasting in the Golan and Judean foothills. 

· Exotic tropical beaches in Eilat. 

· Pampering spa treatments on the Dead Sea. 

· Hiking, rappelling, kayaking and other nature activities. 

· Romantic sunsets and breathtaking scenery. 

· And, of course: Lots of meaningful sightseeing.


What We Offer:

At Galilee we believe a honeymoon isn't an ordinary event and an everyday vacation. For newlyweds a honeymoon is their first opportunity to travel as a family, an important chance to relax after a life-defining event, a passionate and emotional experience, and an occasion to remember for a lifetime. We believe designing a well-planned quality honeymoon in Israel is a vital first step for achieving an emotionally significant and memorable vacation that represents a successful way to start a marriage.

As part of our company’s group of customized Israeli travel solutions, Galilee offers newlyweds and their families an Israeli Honeymoon service that includes:

· Determining a budget.

· Defining venue and activity preferences. · Researching & recommending options. · Building an itinerary and timeline. · Planning and booking reservations.· Airline Ticketing & Travel Insurance. 

· Assisting with in-country logistics.

With countless unique and exciting options available, Galilee Travel offers future newlyweds and their families a Honeymoon service that can help couples plan an exclusive, exciting and memorable experience in Israel.

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