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What Makes Us Different

Our Mission is to Take the Israel Travel Agency Business to a New Level of Quality and Performance And to Provide Better Ways to See Israel !

We understand that a trip to Israel requires planning, deliberation, budgeting, time allocation and a host of other personal considerations that, as frequent travelers ourselves, we very much understand! With that in mind we want to provide you with personalized service that is competitive and quality driven.

Together with providing excellent service - we want to be as competitive as possible. Like in any other industry and service, seasons, circumstances and business considerations influence prices for just about every product and service available. Because we want to provide our customers with the very best Israel travel experience at an excellent value, we refrain from posting prices and make an additional, and welcome, effort to personally respond to, and service your inquiry.

So many decisions: So much to see - so little time. Off-the-shelf OR custom made. Beaches and leisure OR heritage and culture. Newcomer OR old hand. Summer, Spring, Winter OR Fall. See it all OR pick and choose. All out luxe OR value digs. Gourmet meals OR ethnic grub. One time trip OR one of many. Budget wise OR do it all. So many decisions.We want to enrich your decisions, provide options and deliver solutions. We want to transform great expectations into wonderful experiences and translate sensible plans into smart travel. We want to advise, to assist, to support and to service your Israel travel requirement to the best of our ability - but most of all we want your trip to Israel to be your best trip ever - the exciting, enlightening, and uplifting experience you expect and deserve.

Our Mission Statement:Because we know Israel is one of the most important travel destinations.

We want to focus only on Israel Travel Services.

Because we know Israel offers a dazzling collection of experiential opportunities.

We want to deliver richer and more knowledgeable advice.

Because we know that visiting Israel requires allocating time and traveling a significant distance.

We want to provide "Better Ways to See Israel".

Because we know traveling to Israel requires investing hard earned resources.

We want to be more competitive.

Because we know that different folks, alone or in groups, have their own unique view of an Israeli journey.

We want to focus more on customization and personal preferences.

Because we honor the impact of culture and background when planning and fulfilling an Israeli experience.

We want to communicate more with our clients.

Because we know some travelers may be returning visitors.

We want to offer newer ways to discover Israel 

Because we recognize the many formats, options and choices available to anyone seeking any kind of Israeli travel.

We want to provide better service.

What We Offer:

A One Stop Shop whatever your travel, event or business requirements in Israel may be. That means we provide Israel travel solutions both off-the-shelf or highly customized for any sized group of travelers - Including all ancillary travel services such as booking airline tickets and arranging travel insurance coverage.

An emphasis on competitive pricing – That means we work hard to insure all our clients receive the best value and the greatest travel returns on their investment.


An extraordinary degree of personalized service, good old fashioned advice and attention to your needs: We are at your service 24/7 for any question, requirement, concern or comment you may have regarding your travel. That means we are immediately accessible – in person or by email - anytime, before, during and after your trip.

A strategic partnership with Diesenhaus – Unitours Ltd., Israel’s largest, most experienced, and financially robust Travel Agency and Tour Operator. That means your Israeli trip is managed by a reputable company with the best resources to provide the highest quality accommodations, meals, guides, buses, and the minute by minute logistics of your tour.

We focus on and supply just one service: Providing tours and travel services exclusively to Israel. That means we place a lot more emphasis on uncompromising care, meticulous planning, attention to detail, and providing the level of service expected by savvy folks with considerable life experience.

We provide enlightening, stimulating, educational and memorable itineraries and programs that integrate Israel’s must-see attractions with leisurely opportunities for self-discovery and personalized activity. That means we plan your trip wisely to insure your agenda is comprehensive, fulfilling and well balanced.

Absolute flexibility and customization – That means we provide you with any requirement you may have, from unique itinerary designs, venue development, specialized transportation, accommodations and food, expert guides and educators, all the way to escort by a licensed Physician or security professional.

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