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Discover Israel Custom Tours

Discover Israel Tours are uniquely tailored for groups of more than 15 people. Be it a synagogue tour, a study tour or a church mission, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding or large group of family members, friends or conference attendees - Discovery Tours are an exceptional opportunity to focus more specifically on some of  Israel's unique attributes.

The Discovery Tour Difference

Unlike Guaranteed Departure tours that are pre-configured and scheduled with fixed itineraries designed to introduce Israel to first time visitors, Galilee’s Discovery Tours are highly customized and uniquely tailored for groups of travelers seeking more in-depth venues to explore Israel's wondrous attributes. 

Because Discovery Tours are focused on specific areas of interest, they enlist the services of professionals who are experts in the subject matter relevant to the tour so that tour participants gain in-depth insight and more "academic" perspectives about each visited destination. Naturally, Discovery Tours entail the added expense of providing focused expertise but larger group sizes easily offset increased costs.

How To Create A Custom Discovery Tour

At Galilee we strive to elevate the quality of Discovery tours to levels far exceeding standard, preset itinerary trips. We work together with our clients to craft these exclusive Israel programs so that participants not only enjoy an exceptional trip but also gain enrichment and intellectually rewarding insight. 

Follow some initial steps, make some decisions and let us plan and fulfill an amazing Discovery Tour for your group.

Having stated the above, anyone should know that Discovery Tours are not limited to groups larger than 15 and can be arranged for fewer participants, touring in smaller luxury vehicles and guided by the same focused-subject professionals offered for larger groups.     

Discovery Tours that focus on some of Israel’s most notable areas of interest require careful planning that involves added time for enlisting professional expert guides, scheduling unique visits and lectures and other operations that insure the tour is an exceptional and enlightening experience. 

At Galilee we offer group organizers, congregational leaders, event and convention planners and anyone else interested in Discovery Tours, a complete travel solution that includes planning, scheduling, budgeting, flight and accommodations, booking professional guidance, lectures and events, arranging transportation and any other services that insure group members enjoy a highly rewarding experience - from the minute they depart until returning home! 

Our Discover Israel  Custom Tours include:

Develop Your Group A group of friends, an extended group of family members, a group of members with specific interests (Archeology, History, Cuisine, Technology or Environment and Nature...), a Bar Mitzvah trip, a Synagogue or Church group, a group of conference attendees, or just about any one interested in a highly focused study-travel Israeli experience.

Select Your Interest - Pick an area of interest from one of the itineraries we suggest or mix and match subjects and places of interest to create a uniquely experiential itinerary combining in-depth travel-study with leisurely sight seeing and relaxation.

Discovery Tour Itineraries

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Discover Israel's Contemporary History Tour

Discover Israel's Ancient History & Archaeology Tour

Discover Israel's Cuisine & Wines Tour

Discover Israel's Technology & Industry Tour

Discover Israel's Nature & Ecology Tour

Determine Your BudgetWhatever your Israel travel requirements may be as an individual or group , we will work with you diligently to design and implement the highest quality, most exciting and most rewarding Israel experience at your budget level. We are committed to providing the most competitive travel solutions possible.

Tweak Your Itinerary We help you design your day by day travel based on your preferred areas of interest and any required additions or modifications. We work with group organizers and members to develop an exclusive Discovery itinerary that fulfills the group's unique learning desires, sight-seeing interests and travel preferences.

Choose Trip DurationPick preferred arrival and departure dates. 

Choose Hotel Preferences From Two to Five Star luxury hotel accommodations, Kibbutz Guest Houses and Boutique Hotels.

Finalize Your Plan and Book Your Trip - Once all the above elements have been determined and selected, we work with the group and with our professional partners at Diesenhaus to implement and fulfill your Discovery Tour. 

Discover Israel's contemporary history and visit the places that played a critical role in the country's rebirth, defense and development from 1850 to the present.

Discover Israel's ancient history through an in-depth study tour of the country's amazing archaeological findings from the time of David till the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Discover Israel's diverse range of ethnic foods and culinary offerings, farmstead dairy industry, locavore cuisines and premium wineries.

Discover Israel's storied Technology and Industrial sector through visits to companies and meetings with executives from businesses located throughout the country.

Discover Israel's exquisite natural wonders and visit the country's expansive National Park system from Mount Hermon to the nature reserves of the Negev.

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