Follow the Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary

With Zeev Ben Arie - One of Israel's Foremost Experts on Religions and Religious Sites in Israel

About the Mysteries of the Rosary Tour

The Rosary is a Roman Catholic sacramental and Marian prayer devoted to the commemoration of Jesus and the events of his life. The Mysteries of the Rosary, are a sequence of twenty episodes in the life of Jesus and Mother Mary divided in to four groups: Five episodes relate to the Joyful Mysteries, five to the Sorrowful Mysteries, five to the Glorious Mysteries, and five to the Luminous Mysteries. Your tour will visit the places where the Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary occurred, following their sequence while meeting nuns, monks and clergy that elaborate on their importance and their relevancy to the art and architecture of the sites themselves. Following the Twenty Mysteries will introduce you to all the important Christian sites in Israel in a fresh, coherent and revealing way.

This special tour is aided by the Congregation of the Holy Rosary Sisters – a monastic congregation that started in Israel 140 years ago following an apparition of Mary to a young Christian girl by the name of Mary Alphonsine. It is the only Arabic speaking woman's congregation in the world, and the only one established in Israel. Together with Sisters from the Congregation, you will explore the unknown and amazing stories of apparitions of Mother Mary in the Holy Land during the last 150 years.

Your tour will cover a wide range of subjects, places, monastic orders and spiritual traditions related to the Mother Mary. You will visit off-the-beaten track churches and sites such as "Mary of the Ark of the Covenant" and "Mary our Lady of Palestine" in the Judean Mountains, and the Marian Institute in Nazareth. Throughout the tour you will be inspired by great figures that have representation here in Israel, like Teresa of Avila, Saint Klara, St. Dominicus, Santa Catherina of Seina, St. Francis, and more

Each participant of the tour will get a special rosary upon arrival and will be invited to pray and meditate according to the rosary liturgical week, with the help of the sisters

About Zeev Ben Arie

Born in 1961, Zeev's parents are Professor Yehoshua Ben Arie, one of the world's most distinguished experts on the history and geography of Israel and Jerusalem, recipient of the Israel Prize, the country's highest honor presented annually during Independence Day,  and the former Chancellor of The Hebrew University. Zeev's mother, Sarah Ben Arie is one of Israel's foremost archeologists and former custodian of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Israel's Antiquities Authority.

A frequent lecturer for Israel's Open University, the Hebrew University's Magid Institute, the Avshalom Institute and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Zeev is an accredited Tour Guide specilizing in the cultures, religions and mysticism of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.