Guaranteed Tours to Israel

Guaranteed Departure Tours

Galilee Travel offers a collection of Guaranteed Departure itineraries to suit any Israel travel requirement. Our tour packages are conveniently pre-designed and pre-scheduled to accommodate any traveler’s Israeli sight-seeing and schedule agenda. Pick an itinerary and a departure date, decide your hotel preferences, book your trip and let us fulfill the rest.

Many visitors to Israel want to see the country by booking pre organized tours with fixed itineraries, a bus and a guide that are guaranteed to depart on a given date. Such tours are especially suited for people who want to experience Israel but are not traveling in pre organized groups that book dedicated transportation, guides and hotel accommodations. Guaranteed departures are especially convenient because tours are professionally planned and have all itineraries, transportation, ground arrangements, a professional, accredited guide and hotels booked in advance by our highly experienced travel experts. Guaranteed tours are a fantastic choice for folks who are first time visitors to Israel and who want to enjoy a pre-planned tour that covers Israel's most interesting sites and attractions in contexts relevant to each traveler's heritage and interests. Everything is arranged from the moment visitors arrive at the airport till the minute they depart Israel after an unforgettable tour.

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To Book A Guaranteed Departure Tour or For Personalized Advice:

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All Guaranteed Departure Tours Include:

Jewish Heritage Tours

Designed to cover Israel from a Jewish perspective

Jewish Heritage tours provide visitors with a journey through Israel's Jewish history and roots . Participants visit Israel's Jewish milestones and enjoy the attractions the tour offers: Jeep tours in the north; visits to the Kotel tunnels; lunch and spa in at a dead sea hotel and much more... The tours are available at various hotel  luxury levels to choose from according to personal taste and budget. 

Classic Israel Tours

For travelers wanting to experience all Israel has to offer from a more multicultural, interdenominational perspective

 Classic Israel Tours offer visitors an opportunity to not just to see Israel, but also learn about the origins and history of the different cultures and religions that make Israel such an amazing destination. Classic Tours are  excellent venues for travelers who want to learn more about Israel from an interfaith perspective - from Christ’s Galilean fishing village to the Baha'i  Villa in Acre to the Tomb of King David on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem tour participants will be afforded an invaluable opportunity to understand the roots of peoples for whom Israel is so important.

Christian Tours

Offering itineraries that introduce travelers to the Holy Land’s amazing aggregate of Old and New Testament history and sites of spiritual prominence

Christian Tours retrace Christianity’s roots and provide an opportunity to experience Israel in the footsteps of Jesus, to retrace the Christian faith’s establishment and to visit the many sites of Israel’s rich Christian heritage leaving participants with a renewed faith and a stronger passion for Christ.

· Day Tours – a selection of one day guaranteed departure, pre-scheduled , guided tours for individuals and small groups covering different regions and points of interest in Israel.

1. Arrival and departure transfers from Ben Gurion airport. 

2. Accommodation in a wide selection of hotels. 

3. Meals as per itinerary. 

4. Fully accompanied and guided touring. 

5. Entrance fees to itinerary sites. 

6. Transportation in luxury air conditioned vehicles. 

7. Israel government licensed English speaking guides.


How To Book A Guaranteed Departure Tour:

Pick a time you want to go:

Guaranteed Departure tours are pre-scheduled and always leave on their designated departure day - just like scheduled flights and commuter trains - these tours fulfill their itinerary even if only a few people sign up.

Pick your preferred itinerary (See on the Right):

There are many tour Itineraries to choose from: For travelers seeking a uniquely Jewish perspective, we offer Jewish Heritage Tours. For those interested in a wider cultural perspective we offer Classic Tours. For our Christian travelers we offer Christian tours and for folks who just want a day or two of more focused travel in Israel we offer pre-scheduled Day Tours to specific destinations.

Pick your preferred level of hotel accommodations:

Every Guaranteed Tour can be booked with a particular level of Hotel accommodations according to your preference and budget. Some folks prefer to stay at the most luxurious hotels Israel has to offer, others may prefer excellent accommodations at more competitive rates.

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