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Ofra Davidov Cohen, the founder and President of Galilee Travel was born in Israel and was educated in France, Argentina, Congo and the US. Ofra earned a High Honors degree in Business Economics from Rutgers University and has been a Bethesda, Maryland resident for over twenty five years. Ofra’s charm, warmth, professionalism, expertise and knack for developing close and rewarding relationships guarantee Galilee’s clients the highest level of personalized service and the absolute very best Israel travel experience.In the late 1980’s, Ofra served as an executive Vice President at one of Israel’s largest companies, managing US business development and marketing operations from the company’s Chevy Chase based subsidiary. In 1991 Ofra founded the Transmark Corporation, a consulting business specifically devoted to the development and management of commercial relationships between US and Israeli companies. Over its twenty years of consecutive operation, Ofra’s consultancy became the longest existing and probably the most experienced provider of business development services for Israeli companies operating in the US.As a senior corporate executive and then a consulting business owner, Ofra became a firm believer in the virtues of direct communication, professional integrity, unwavering quality, and dedicated service as mechanisms for successful business interactions between people and organizations. Among the many very senior executives who have known Ofra for years - including many from companies as large as Boeing and Wal-Mart – Ofra has always been considered a hard-working, hands-on professional achiever and “people-person”. 

Managing intricate relationships between American and Israeli businesses always involved an extensive amount of travel between the two countries. Ofra’s management responsibilities often included developing and executing complex travel itineraries that integrated the business agendas of US executives traveling to Israel with opportunities to discover the country’s amazing history, geography and culture. Along with business development, marketing and financial expertise, sophisticated travel management solutions were always a significant part of Ofra’s professional service. Ofra’s life-long dedication to Israel, business acumen and passion for smart global travel were the natural antecedents for founding Galilee Travel. Beyond being a personal interest, Ofra’s keen travel and tourism insight is a familial attribute – Ofra’s sister, Anat, manages the Conventions and Conference division of Diesenhaus-Unitours, Israel’s largest travel and tourism services company. Anat is responsible for organizing conferences in Israel for thousands of academicians and medical professionals each year and it is the close personal and professional relationship between sisters that fostered the creation of Galilee Travel.

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