Group Tours to Israel

The Custom Tour Difference

How To Create Custom Tours

At Galilee we strive to elevate the quality of Israeli tours to levels far exceeding standard, preset trips. We work together with our clients to craft exclusive Israel programs, of any length, for any size group, and for any budget. 

To create a customized Israel travel solution just follow a few simple steps and Galilee will do the rest:

Unlike Guaranteed Departure tours that are pre-designed and scheduled with fixed itineraries, Galilee’s Custom Tours are personally and uniquely tailored to anyone’s individual preferences and requirements. We offer first time travelers to Israel, returning explorers, business visitors, professionals, group organizers and congregational leaders the opportunity to experience Israel according to their own distinct penchants, subject agendas, group size, budget and scheduling criteria. 

We offer, alongside the more traditional itineraries, a selection of distinctively customized travel solutions that provide opportunities to experience Israel in a variety of formats and venues and to focus on some of Israel’s most notable areas of interest. 

Our Specialty Tours and Custom Solutions include:

Tell us your requirement A Synagogue or Church Mission, a Bar Mitzvah trip, a wedding, or honeymoon or both, a conference, incentive travel for your employees or customers, or just about anything you as an individual or group would like to see and do in Israel.

Determine your budgetWhatever your Israel travel requirements may be as an individual or group , we will work with you diligently to design and implement the highest quality, most exciting and most rewarding Israel experience at your budget level. We are committed to providing the most competitive travel solutions possible.

Choose or plan an itinerary We will help you design your travel based on any of Galilee’s Guaranteed Departure and exclusive Discovery itineraries, or assist in creating your own unique Israel experience with a “mixed and matched” program that fulfills your individual desires and sight-seeing interests.

Choose trip durationPick an arrival date and the number of days you would like to spend in Israel - even trips lasting more than 21 days.

Choose group size - From single individuals, couples, families, groups of friends all the way up to large groups of 40 travelers or more.

Choose hotel preferences From Two to Five Star luxury hotel accommodations, Kibbutz Guest Houses and Boutique Hotels.

Unique Discovery and Study Travel itineraries.

Customized Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Honeymoon Tours. 

Synagogue Group Travel.

Church Missions and Group Travel. 

Buy-A-Diamond In Israel Program.

Conference In Israel Services.

Incentive Travel to Israel.

Business Travel & Tour Services.

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