Jerusalem Points of Interest

Jerusalem Points of Interest

For your convenience and use, we compiled a list of various Points of Interest in Jerusalem. We are great fans of Wikipedia so instead of writing our own texts about each location, we provide links to the relevant Wikipedia pages describing each place of interest. Note that in many cases the Wikipedia entries also point the reader to more in-depth information and additional reading about the particular location. Zoom in on maps for greater detail.

Armenian Museum:

Burnt House:


David's Citadel:

City of David:

The Cardo:


Notre Dame Jerusalem:

Yad Vashem:

Haas Promenade:


Mount Zion:

Mea Shearim:

Ein Karem:

Mamilla Mall:

Pool of Siloam:


Biblical Zoo:

Temple Mount:

The Broad Wall:

Pool of Bethesda:

The Western Wall:

Wohl Museum:

Via Dolorosa:

Warren’s Shaft:'s_Shaft

Christ Church:,_Jerusalem

Israel Museum:

Liberty Bell Park:

St. Anne's Church:'s_Church,_Jerusalem

Dominus Flevit Church:

Machane Yehuda:

Menachen Begin Institute & Museum -

Tomb of the Virgin:

Valley of the Cross:

Western Wall Tunnel:

Christian Quarter Road:

Church of All Nations: 

Teddy Kollek Park:

Church of the Dormition:

Ammunition Hill:

Cave of Gethsemane:

Chamber of the Holocaust: 

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer:,_Jerusalem

Rockefeller Archaeological Museum:

St. James Cathedral:,_Jerusalem

Tombs of the Prophets:,_Zechariah_and_Malachi

Saint Mark's Syriac Monastery:

Monastery of the Flagellation:

Mosque of the Ascension:

Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

Chapel of St. Helena:,_Jerusalem

Church of the Pater Noster:

St Peter in Gallicantu:

St. Mary's Hospice of the German Knights:

Kennedy Memorial - Yad Kennedy:

The Billy Rose Art Garden at The Israel Museum:

Monastery of Euthymius:

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