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In 1926, an immigrant from Poland named Solomon Diesenhaus established Diesenhaus Travel. The company grew quickly to become one of the major travel firms in Israel. In 1975, Unitours was established and also became one of Israel’s largest travel agencies. In January 2005, the two companies merged to form the Diesenhaus-Unitours Group – Israel’s largest tourism services company.

Today Diesenhaus-Unitours is owned by I.D.B., one of Israel’s largest financial corporations, enjoys strong financial backing, purchases the highest quality services from Israel’s tourism industry suppliers and employs the most skilled and experienced tourism industry professionals.

In addition to being a leader in leisure travel, and backed by significant buying power, Diesenhaus offers access to an unrivaled range of travel related services and event planning for organizations, from soliciting group fare discounts on air travel, to arranging site inspections, securing hotel accommodations, booking events (including requests for hospitality desks, on-site managers, tour escorts and sightseeing options), all at the best prices available, while assisting both private, corporate and organizational clients with every element of their travel requirements.

Diesenhaus-Unitours Incoming Tourism, a subsidiary of Diesenhaus-Unitours, employs a total of over 500 personnel, generates a turnover of more than US$250M annually and operates branch offices that specialize in all facets of travel throughout Israel. Diesenhaus-Unitours Incoming Tourism is the leading tour operator in Israel, boasts 80 years of experience in all aspects of incoming tourism from all over the world and specializes in all types of incoming tourism including: Groups, Fit’s, Professional Tours, Incentive and Conventions.

The Most Qualified Tourism Company In Israel

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Diesenhaus-Unitours Corporate Headquarters

Downtown Tel-Aviv

Diesenhaus-Unitours is a Supplier Member of the United States Tour Operators Association and a 

Member of the International Congress and Conferences Association

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