Links to Information on Israel

A Selection of Informational Web Sites About Israel

We've assembled a collection of links to sites on the web that offer useful information about Israel. Together with other pages in this segment, listing Points of Interest throughout the country, we hope to provide comprehensive insight about Israel and its major visitor attractions. Please remember that we link to sites that are independently maintained so beyond having vetted our selection to the best of our ability - we have no control over functionality and the contents they provide.

Israel Government Sites:

The recently revamped portal of the Israel Ministry of Tourism:

The Israel National Parks Administration:

The Israel Antiquities Administration:

The Information Portal of the Israel Foreign Ministry:

The Israel Government Portal in English:

Israel Meteorological Service:

The Israel Bureau of Statistics web site site in English (for a more “in-depth” perspective):

The Israel Railways English Web Site:

Israel Defense Forces English Web Site:

Israeli Newspaper Web Sites In English:

The Jerusalem Post’s Web Site:

Ha’Aretz - One of Israel’s preeminent daily newspapers – English web site:

YNet - The Yediot Acharonot Web Site,7340,L-3083,00.html

Globes - Business Daily

Eilat Today - An Online Local Eilat Paper

Other Sites:

A Nice List of Museums in Israel:

Conde Nast's Concierge Israel:

Egged Bus Lines:

Dan Bus Lines:

Very Comprehensive List of Israeli Museums:

Israeli City Municipality Web Sites:




Nazereth Official Web Site:

The Galilee Tourism Council - Very Nice Site!

Safed (Tzsfat) Municipal Web Site

General Israel Tourism Web Sites:

The Israel Society for Preservation of Heritage Sites

The CIA World Fact Book Israel Page:

The US State Department Israel Page:

Lonely Planet’s Israel Guide:

Trip Advisor's Israel Guide:

Frommer's Israel Guide:

Fodor's Israel Travel Guide:

WikiTravel's Israel Page:

WikiMedia's Israel Atlas Page:

An absolutely wonderful site with 3D virtual tours in Israel:

Wikipedia's Page About Israeli Food:

A Web Site About Israeli Wines:

Israel Restaurants Guide: 

Best Beaches in Israel by Israel21c Website:

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