Discover Israel Tours Contact Page

Discover Israel Tour Contact Page

At Galilee we offer group organizers, congregational leaders, event and convention planners and anyone else interested in Discovery Tours, a complete travel solution that includes planning, scheduling, budgeting, flight and accommodations, booking professional guidance, lectures and events, arranging transportation and any other services that insure group members enjoy a highly rewarding experience - from the minute they depart until returning home! 

Thank you for your interest in Galilee Travel's Discover Israel Custom Tours.

As we stated in "The Galilee Difference" page, we understand that a trip to Israel requires planning, deliberation, budgeting, time allocation and a host of other personal considerations that, as frequent travelers ourselves, we very much understand! With that in mind we want to provide you with personalized service that is competitive and quality driven.

Unlike Guaranteed Departure tours that are pre-configured and scheduled with fixed itineraries designed to introduce Israel to first time visitors, Galilee’s Discovery Tours are highly customized and uniquely tailored for groups of travelers seeking more in-depth venues to explore Israel's wondrous attributes.

Discovery Tours that focus on some of Israel’s most notable areas of interest require careful planning that involves added time for enlisting professional expert guides, scheduling unique visits and lectures and other operations that insure the tour is an exceptional and enlightening experience. 

Because Discovery Tours are focused on specific areas of interest, they enlist the services of professionals who are experts in the subject matter relevant to the tour so that tour participants gain in-depth insight and more "academic" perspectives about each visited destination. Naturally, Discovery Tours entail the added expense of providing focused expertise but larger group sizes easily offset increased costs.

Although Discovery Tours are uniquely tailored for groups larger than 15 travelers, such tours can be arranged for fewer participants, touring in smaller luxury vehicles and guided by the same focused-subject professionals offered for larger groups.

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