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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Group Travel Services

Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations are singular occasions in the life of Jewish families. Coming of age signifies assuming responsibility for one’s own actions and becoming an adult member of the Jewish community. Families prepare for such a profound occasion for years, planning every single event and every aspect of the celebration whether it be the religious Haphtarah ceremony, the festivities and of course, the traditional family trip to Israel. Justifiably, it is only natural that anyone investing so much effort in planning a perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah, would want and insist on their events be inimitable, personalized and exclusive.

Whereas almost every tour company provides an off-the-shelf, Guaranteed Departure Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour to Israel, at Galilee Travel we believe such a momentous episode in the life of a Jewish family should be custom planned and executed in much the same way other elements of the celebration are prepared.

A Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel should embody an outstanding opportunity for family members and friends to bond through a process that blends spirituality, heritage, education, and lots of exciting, memorable fun. Fortunately it is easy to envision a trip to Israel that easily fulfills all of the most rigorous prerequisites for a successful Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience: Visiting the Kotel and Jerusalem’s other heritage-soaked sites; Traveling back to the days of Gladiators and Roman warriors; Exploring the Golan’s rocky bunker-laden battlefields; Snorkeling over the reefs of Eilat and riding ATV’s and Jeeps through dusty Negev trails. 

At Galilee Travel we understand that insuring a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour becomes an emotionally inspiring , educationally significant, socially interactive, adventurous and fun experience – requires delivering quality-driven, meticulous and customized service that includes:

· Determining a budget.

· Offering preparatory advice.

· Tailoring schedules and accommodating special needs.

· Deciding on appropriate sites for a religious ceremony.

· Designing a ceremony and Selecting a Rabbi.

· Selecting agreed-upon tour sites and activities.

· Developing an itinerary that focuses on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth.

· Choosing hotels and meals.

· Booking flights, transportation and an exceptional guide.

Whatever the scope of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony may be, celebrating this momentous event in Israel, seeing the country firsthand, experiencing the legacy and heritage of Judaism in the cradle of its existence, while sampling Israel’s endless offerings among family and friends, will leave everyone in harmony with their culture and religion. At Galilee Travel we want to help make your simcha a worthy and memorable event and a custom designed venue that mirrors in its exclusivity the uniqueness and singularity of our individual selves.

To Discuss your Bar or Bat Mitzvah In Israel requirements please Call us or send us an Email and 

we will provide you with various options according to your date, length and budget requirements.


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