Israeli Food

Discover Israel's Cuisine and Wines Tour - 5 to 8 Day Tour - Sample Itinerary

A fully customizable, in-depth, study travel tour sampling and learning about Israel's culturally diverse foods, markets, farmstead dairies, locavore cuisine and winery industry.

Please remember Discover Israel Tours are not off-the-shelf pre-planned tours that include prearranged hotel accommodations, meals, transportation & guides. These are suggested itineraries for groups of travelers who want to focus on some of Israel’s most notable areas of interest. These itineraries should be used as suggested starting points for planning a Discover Israel group tour - including: developing the group, determining a date and duration, deciding on accommodations, transportation and meals, and of course, enlisting the services of an academic level, professional guide who will deliver expert insight relevant to the tour's focused subject. Galilee Travel works closely with group members assisting and supporting all tour development phases and , of course, booking on behalf of the group all hotel, transportation, guidance and meal arrangements in Israel - as well as - providing Airline Ticketing to Israel, travel insurance and other individual requirements group members may have.

Arrive in Israel

 Tel-Aviv Introductory Lecture Carmel Market - Spices & Meats 

Discover Israel Tours are uniquely tailored for groups of more than 15 people.

Lewinsky Market - Persian Products Jaffa Markets - Arab Products Bulgarian Food - Lecture & Restaurant Persian Food - Lecture & Restaurant Georgian Food - Lecture & Restaurant Turkish Food - Lecture & Restaurant Half Day Cooking Class Zichron Yaakov Carmel Winery Tour & Tasting

Tishbi Winery Tour & Tasting

Daliyat El-Carmel

Druze Market

Druze Food - Lecture & Restaurant


Wadi Nisnas Market - Christian Arab Market

Lebanese Food - Lecture & Restaurant

Turkish Seafood - Lecture & Restaurant

Kfar Kama

Circassian Food - Lecture & Restaurant

Kfar Vradim

Gourmet Slow Food - Lecture & Restaurant

Kfar Yechezkel

Barkanit Dairy

Yogvey Ha’amakim Dairy

Harduf Creamery

Sadey Trumut Kurdish Farmstead - Lecture & Restaurant TiberiasGalilean Food & Wine Introduction & Lecture Contemporary Israeli Food - Lecture & Restaurant Israeli Farmstead/Slow Food - Lecture & Restaurant Safed Goat Dairy & Creamery Visitor Center Adir Winery Tour & Tasting Contemporary Israeli Food - Lecture & Restaurant Galilee Farmstead Cheese Tour & Tasting Golan Heights Golan Winery - Tour & Tasting Bazelet Winery - Tour & Tasting Chateau Golan - Tour & Tasting Golan Free Range Beef - Lecture & Restaurant Rumanian Food - Lecture & Restaurant Judean Hills Dotan Farmstead Creamery - Tour & Tasting Tal farmstead Creamery - Tour & Tasting 8 Winery Tour & Tasting JerusalemYemenite Food - Lecture & Restaurant Machane Yehuda—Market Tour Half Day Cooking Class Palestinian Food - Lecture & Restaurant Iraqi Food - Lecture & Restaurant Beer Sheba Bedouin Food - Lecture & Restaurant

If you like one of our Discover Israel Itineraries but do not have a group, here's how to organize a Discover Israel Tour


 1. Develop Your Group A group of friends, an extended group of family members, a group of members with specific interests (Archeology, History, Cuisine, Technology or Environment and Nature...), a Bar Mitzvah trip, a Synagogue or Church group, a group of conference attendees, or just about any one interested in a highly focused study-travel Israeli experience.

2. Select Your Interest - Pick an area of interest from one of the itineraries we suggest or mix and match subjects and places of interest to create a uniquely experiential itinerary combining in-depth travel-study with leisurely sight seeing and relaxation.

3. Determine Your BudgetWhatever your Israel travel requirements may be as an individual or group , we will work with you diligently to design and implement the highest quality, most exciting and most rewarding Israel experience at your budget level. We are committed to providing the most competitive travel solutions possible. 

4. Choose Trip DurationPick preferred arrival and departure dates.

5. Choose Hotel PreferencesFrom Two to Five Star luxury hotel accommodations, Kibbutz Guest Houses and Boutique Hotels.

6. Tweak Your Itinerary We help you design your day by day travel based on your preferred areas of interest and any required additions or modifications. We work with group organizers and members to develop an exclusive Discovery itinerary that fulfills the group's unique learning desires, sight-seeing interests and travel preferences. 

7. Finalize Your Plan and Book Your Trip - Once all the above elements have been determined and selected, we work with the group and with our professional partners at Diesenhaus to implement and fulfill your Discovery Tour. 

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