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Galilee Travel offers a collection of Guaranteed Departure itineraries to suit any Israel travel requirement. Our tour packages are conveniently pre-designed and pre-scheduled to accommodate any traveler’s Israeli sight-seeing and schedule agenda. Pick an itinerary and a departure date, decide your hotel preferences, book your trip and let us fulfill the rest.

Thank you for considering Galilee Travel when planning your upcoming travel to Israel.

As we stated in "The Galilee Difference" page, we understand that a trip to Israel requires planning, deliberation, budgeting, time allocation and a host of other personal considerations that, as frequent travelers ourselves, we very much understand! With that in mind we want to provide you with personalized service that is competitive and quality driven.

Together with providing excellent service - we want to be as competitive as possible. Like in any other industry and service, seasons, circumstances and business considerations influence prices for just about every product and service available. Because we want to provide our customers with the very best Israel travel experience at an excellent value, we refrain from posting prices and make an additional, and welcome, effort to personally respond to, and service your inquiry.

With the above in mind, here are some suggestions for contacting us regarding your Guaranteed Tour inquiry:

Use a simple "Rule-of-Thumb"

What - When - How Many - How Much 

What tour would you like to book.

When would you like to travel to Israel.

How Many people will travel.

How Much, in terms of hotel accommodations, would you like to spend.

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