Synagogue Tours and Congregational Group Design, Management & Fulfillment Services

Galilee Travel’s exclusively customized Synagogue Travel Services provide Rabbi’s, Cantors and congregation leaders the opportunity to design and fulfill an experiential journey that is spiritual, educative, socially interactive, exciting and fun.

Synagogue Tours to Israel are among the most important congregational building tools available to Rabbis and Synagogue leaders. 

Socially, there are few venues in the life of a congregation that can create as much group impact as a shared trip to Israel under the guidance and tutelage of the congregation’s leader. 

Well designed and executed congregational Israel travel experiences foster increased involvement in the synagogue and its community of members. 

Successful synagogue travel programs integrate faith based activities with opportunities to explore Jewish heritage as reflected in the historical sites and geography of Israel and should stimulate exploration of Jewish values and traditions as brought forth by institutions and organizations visited during the trip.

An organized, familiarized group of congregation members provides the perfect atmosphere for exploring Israel’s many offerings and significant spirituality while creating an opportunity to further bond and strengthen relationships through shared experiences that are unique and socially rewarding.
We Offer:

· Complete itinerary design and implementation.
· Budgeting.
· Ticketing and reservations support.
· Hotel, transportation and meal planning.
· Supporting individual congregation members.
· Assisting in program dissemination and “marketing”.
· Study tour & scholar lecture booking.
· Organizing Sister City and congregation interfaces.
· Developing multigenerational activities.
· Scheduling and integrating religious services and ceremonies.
· Facilitating volunteering and Tzedaka events.
· Identifying academic and institutional experiences.
· Proposing group structured leisure.

Most importantly Galilee’s Synagogue Tours are not “just another tour to Israel”. Our service strives, like with all our other Custom Travel Solutions, to develop an exclusive venue that reflects the unique character and desires of each congregation and its individual tour participants.