Buy-A-Diamond Tour

Galilee Travel offers a specialized Buy-A-Diamond Tour to Israel as a stand alone event or one that can be combined with any other Israeli travel itinerary.  


How Does It Work?

Galilee Travel has robust connections to Israel’s Diamond industry and to highly regarded and qualified merchants and artisans who manufacture the stones and the jewelry in which they are set. Our Buy-A-Diamond program provides an opportunity for buyers to witness first hand the purchase process and then the selection and manufacture of the jewelry in which the diamond will be set. In effect we offer an opportunity to purchase a “one-of-a-kind” piece of jewelry in which the customer guarantees originality and uniqueness through a highly customized, individualized and directly witnessed buying, manufacturing and setting process.

We offer a highly customized and personalized agenda for prospective diamond jewelry buyers in Israel that includes the following:
  1. Determine your budget and schedule the trip to Israel. 
  2. Arrange air travel, activities and hotel accommodations in Israel.
  3. Fly to Israel and check into your hotel in Tel-Aviv.
  4. Visit the Diamond Exchange to meet the diamond manufacturer.
  5. Select your desired diamond with the manufacturer.
  6. Meet an exclusive jewelry manufacturer to select a setting.
  7. The setting will be specifically manufactured for you.
  8. When the setting is prepared, you will be invited to the jeweler to have your diamond set as you look on . 

Why Buy a Diamond in Israel?

The Israeli economy excels in many areas from conventional industry to hi-tech ventures, and from agriculture to sophisticated electronics. One of Israel’s leading exports is diamonds and jewelry. Israel is home to one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated diamond exchanges, a self-contained center offering every service required by an Israeli diamond trader. The Israeli Diamond Industry is one of the most important and largest diamond centers worldwide. In addition to its status as a leading polishing center, the Israeli Diamond Industry has developed into an international trade center through which rough and polished diamonds pass regularly and subsequently adorn a significant volume of the diamond jewelry sold all over the globe.

The Israeli Diamond Industry is based on a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It prides itself on its skillfulness and uniqueness as well as its unprecedented creativity and cutting-edge technology. It adheres to a strict ethical code and offers buyers a wide variety of merchandise and services all under one roof. Both the Israel Diamond Exchange, which represents Israeli diamond merchants, and the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association, which incorporates Israeli diamond manufacturers, act in various ways to strengthen and improve the status of Israeli diamantaires vis-a-vis governmental bodies and international organizations.