Elements of Israeli Business Culture
A three-day highly detailed and customized seminar and training venue in Israel 
for foreign executives with a wide spectrum of business interests in Israel

What We Offer

  • A hands-on, business-oriented, case driven, cross-cultural preparatory seminar and coaching program delivered in Israel for foreign executives and employees planning or actively engaged in Israeli-based business ventures.
  • Business Culture and Communications training provided by a Galilee Travel executive whose background involve over 30 years of developing trade and joint ventures between Israelis and their global partners.
  • Seminars and coaching sessions uniquely customized to a client's specific business interests in Israel and designed to provide vigorous, action point, step by step preparation for achieving results in negotiations, trade, and other business ventures in Israel.
  • A "Doing Business in Israel" curriculum derived from actual global Israeli business ventures and real case studies of corporate-level communications and interactions between foreign executives and Israeli businesspeople.
  • Lectures, discussions and exercises designed to effectively develop skills for understanding the Israeli business environment, culture, and mindset by leveraging cross-cultural concepts to explain and resolve the peculiarities of doing business in Israel.
  • Each participant receives a 100 page copyrighted “Doing Business in Israel Guidebook” that serves as a platform for seminar and coaching sessions as well as a practical resource for succeeding in Israel after completion of the three-day training venue.
  • Thirty days of post-program phone or e-mail consultation included in every “Doing Business in Israel” seminar or coaching program.
Can be combined with multiple days 
sightseeing tours throughout Israel

The “Advanced” Doing Business in Israel program is a vigorous and intense preparatory venue that leverages academic information, practical exercise and group deliberation to provide the highest levels of skill and preparation for succeeding, thriving and achieving excellent business results in Israel.

First-day comprehensive session in which participants acquire an intimate familiarity with Israeli culture and society through presentation of multiple case studies and examples portraying the many facets of day-to-day life and work in Israel. This intensive preliminary daylong segment provides participants with an extensive set of skills and sensitivities that thoroughly prime their ability to comprehend, assimilate and adapt to Israeli cultural traits, both in and outside the business environment. 

Second day morning field exercises and observations. Visits to markets, retail establishments and other business venues in Tel-Aviv. Discussions and skills development sessions. Afternoon visitor lectures on Israeli business culture, communications, and negotiation.

The third day of this course is devoted to an exceedingly customized and detailed review of Israel’s business culture and environment with expanded emphasis on the cultural, behavioral and communicative aspects influencing the successful execution of specific business tasks in Israel. Relevant business tasks and objectives in Israel are individually characterized and explored by participants with knowledge tools derived from day one as well as numerous case study and simulation exercises.

The Doing Business in Israel Guidebook

Decoding Israeli Business Culture

Businesspersons traveling to Israel encounter a complex, intriguing and challenging business environment when they arrive at their destination. Unlike other countries where ethnicity, culture and heritage developed over centuries and are relatively homogeneous and mature, Israel is a young country whose evolving multicultural society, political system and economy have undergone unprecedented change in just a few decades. 

Emphasis on education, a robust military industrial complex and highly accelerated investment in infrastructure and technology, quickly transformed this minute country into an R&D and commercial powerhouse vital to global operations of numerous multinational corporations. Israel’s established stature as high-tech hotbed has dramatically increased the nation’s global business exposure, has increased its strategic importance as a potential gateway to the East and has transformed the country into an important destination for international business development ventures.

          The First Internet Browser              The First Drone                  

The diversity, complexity and unique flavor of Israel’s population and culture are key contributors to the intricacies of doing business in that country. More than anywhere else, the Israeli business environment reflects, and is driven by, the history, geopolitics, ethnic diversity, economy and values of a people whose attributes are as composite and elaborate as their chronicles and legacy.

So Many Cultures

For foreign businesspersons, the clash of capitalist mores and familiar Office Depot strip mall commerce, with deeply rooted, culturally driven values, can be a confusing and possibly threatening professional as well as personal experience. American corporate managers and employees arriving in Israel are quickly comforted by the country’s familiar suburban American feel and are just as quickly confounded by the intensity of Israeli culture.

 The Proximity Of Old And New

The similarities between Americans and Israelis make it all the more difficult to decode the differences in business culture. The multiple factors driving mindset, communicative, and business culture differences between Americans and Israelis can generate significant challenges to the successful fulfillment of your business objectives in Israel.