Conferences, Conventions and Professional Meeting Development and Management Services

Leverage the Experience, Quality and Reputation of Our Conventions & Conference Division For Your Next Professional Meeting In Israel

About Our Conference In Israel Services

For scientists, physicians, academicians or any other groups interested in organizing a professional conference in Israel, Galilee Travel’s strategic partner, Diesenhaus-Unitours, offers its Conference division services as a total conference development and execution solution. 

Diesenhaus Unitours Conferences works with prospective conference organizers, professional associations, trade groups and academic institutions from the initial concept phases, managing the development of venues and the actual events themselves including ancillary activities such as tours throughout Israel for participants and their families. 

Diesenhaus uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to process many organizational functions simply and efficiently over the internet from Israel to anywhere on the globe.

What We Offer

  1. Locating the perfect venue in Israel for conferences. 
  2. Constructing a balanced budget and on-going control of outlays.
  3. Site Search services. 
  4. Negotiating competitive costs from all suppliers.
  5. Cooperating with Sponsors and allied organizations. 
  6. Organizing and executing Conference Registrations. 
  7. Planning and negotiating accommodation provisions. 
  8. Reservations for accommodation according to personal preference and availability.
  9. Assistance with airline and international travel.
  10. Planning & managing the physical aspects of a conference venue including meeting hall layouts, seating, podiums and lighting.
  11. Planning and managing meal and catering services.
  12. Managing abstract submissions and their compilation and publication. 
  13. Developing scientific programs for conferences. 
  14. Planning and operating social activities and ancillary events. 
  15. Designing and preparing signage and participant tags. 
  16. Development & procurement of promotional materials.
  17. Organizing multi-media equipment for conferences including on-site technicians. 
  18. Organizing simultaneous translations for participants.
  19. Arranging professional, multi-lingual hostesses to cater the conference and all ancillary events.
  20. Creating professional, commercial exhibitions including enrollment of exhibitors.

Diesenhaus-Unitours is a member of the 
International Conferences and Conventions Association

Recent Diesenhaus Conference Projects

Opening Session of the 6th Congress of the Federation of 
Israeli Societies For Experimental Biology

Nobel Prize winner Professor Ada Yonath at the 2011 Federation of the 
Israel Societies For Experimental Biology Conference In Eilat, Israel

The 74th Conference of the Israel Chemical Society
David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Session of the International Cellular Medicine Society