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Use this page to access information about our company, about our mission, business philosophy and services as well as links to a variety of resources for travelers to Israel. You may find our comprehensive General Information, Tips and Points of Interest pages particularly helpful when planning a trip to Israel.

Panoramic view from the North: climbing from the Sea of Galilee on Route 90,  from the lake shores to Chorazim, Vered Hagalil and Route 85. On the Left: the Mount of Beatitudes. At center, in the distance: Tiberias. At center, on the lake shore: Capernaum. On the right, the Arbel Cliffs and Kfar Zeitim.

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The observation point at Kibbutz Gesher. Located right on the peaceful border fence with Jordan, overlooks the historic Naharayim Hydroelectric Plant on the Jordan River and a famous War of Independence battle in a strategically significant location that includes three historical bridges, and an ancient wayside Inn from the 14th century.